Ade AniFowose

Ade Anifowose is a “Transformational Guide”. An experience with him will reveal to you that he is truly living out his soul mission. If you’ve had the chance to experience him or his work, you’ll know that this is a description decided by a power greater than us all. ​

About Ade Anifowose

For over 25 years, he has devoted his life to being both a student and a teacher of ancient African wisdom traditions. Ade’s teaching is rooted in the understanding that we are the faces of our ancestors. “Our Ancestors live in us, and we live in them.” 

He believes that real transformation happens when we are willing to go within and do the necessary healing work. Otherwise, we are simply living from a mindset of separation in the realm of Oneness. Ade says, “Everything is connected, and it all belongs.” His mission is to assist people in bridging the gap between the shadow and the light.

What people are saying:

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson says;

“Passionate, probing, and pertinent is a good way to summarize Ade’s work. He brings a fervor and an zeal for living that is unbridled…”

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner Says;

“Ade Anifowose is deeply grounded in universal spiritual principles. His contemporary and practical approach to New Thought and Ancient Wisdom creates an atmosphere of inspiration…”

Carlton D. Pearson Says;

“My experience of Ade is of a man of passion, compassion and elevated self and soul awareness, who is eager to help others recover their mis or displaced selves and souls as well…”

Cynthia James Says;

“…Ade is an amazing soul dedicated to supporting healing and transformation in the masses.  He is here to support change and I am grateful to walk this life path with him.”

Donata De Luca

“…working with Life Coach Ade helped me set myself free! The most powerful tool he taught me was the power of forgiveness. Today I can honestly say forgiveness=FREEDOM!”

Michelle Austin Says;

“When I went to Ade’s Meet and Heal in Texas, I went with the idea that I needed to mend my broken heart. After my session with him I literally felt a Shift….”

Richard Moss Says;

“I have been a guest on Adé Anifowose’s radio shows many times and each time I am struck by his depth and heartfulness. But this isn’t really enough to say:…”

Jack Armstrong Says;

“The many gifts that Ade Anifowose shares with the world are beautiful expressions of the joy and wisdom and love of God. He and I have been friends for years…”

Stanley Bernard Says;

“I have known and worked with Ade Anifowose for close to 3 years now.  Having been a guest on one of his shows, I found coach Ade to be insightful, compassionate…”