About Me


A man of many facets, Ade uses a variety of tools to move people from where they are to wonderful places they barely dreamed they could be. He lives to support people in shifting their consciousness to a higher level. Grounded in ancestral wisdom,universal principles and healing arts, he uses his radio show, interactive playshop, storytelling, the arts, social media, and sacred drumming as means of opening people up and having them go deeper into themselves than they ever dared to before.

Sacred Drummer

With the help of his Djembe drum, which he calls his “Sound Therapist” he taps is into the healing vibration of the rhythm of the drum, as he surrendering to spirit and high frequencies of the the holy sacred sound, that brings about healing to everyone in the space.



He is the Host and Producer of “Ade Presents… BEing You” Podcast.

Workshop and Retreat Facilitator

He moves the participants with stories, humor, deep wisdom, and compassion…

and Podcaster. He has a unique way of bringing his clients to a place of self-acceptance and self-compassion. He uses his Intuitive abilities to access deeper wisdom and move his clients and audience from their current reality to where they want to be.

Ade’s teaching is rooted in the understanding that we are the faces of our ancestors. They live in us, and we live in them. He believes that real transformation happens when we are willing to go within and do the necessary healing work. Otherwise, we are simply living from a mindset of separation in the realm of Oneness. Ade says, “Everything is connected, and it all belongs.” His mission is to assist people in bridging the gap between the shadow and light.

“Ade is currently writing his memoir which chronicles his hero’s journey of displacement, belonging, and identity.”