Spiritual Appetizers for the Soul

by Ade Anifowose

This book contains spiritual insights that can help you discover your inner truth and lead you back to your heart and soul. Each message has the potential to guide you towards the path of truth.

In today’s fast-paced world, we often require quick doses of inspiration to remind us of what truly matters. Similarly, during meditation, we might need a motivational thought to anchor ourselves. “Spiritual Appetizers for the Soul” caters to these moments.

Take a deep breath and open the book to any page. You will discover a message that is meant for you in that particular moment. Trust the process and allow it to guide you towards your inner truth.

What readers are saying

Colleen Tani says;

In Spiritual Appetizers for the Soul, life coach and artist, teacher and healer Ade Anifowose offers a treasure trove of wisdom transmissions that serve as homeopathic tinctures to remember, retrieve and recharge your own humanity. Whether you open this book and see what message has appeared in order to reach you, or choose from the inviting yet resonant themes, or read from beginning to end, you will be encountered by sacred touchstones given through, and from Ade. From these brief, accessible, potent tinctures of words–coupled with holy pauses–I’ve experienced healing, release, shifts in perspective, and above all, a sense of both personal and collective possibility. This deeply felt and grounded possibility is a life-transforming gift.

NewJace says;

This book is a delicious spiritual work of art straight from the author’s heart. Life Coach Ade Anifowose always manages to impart “Soul Food for the Soul!” These delicious “bites” of wisdom can be served up for moments of reflection/contemplation, consumed as readings for meditation, and/or utilized as journaling prompt treats! It’s a great book to keep within reach for use at any time, especially, when you feel the need for encouragement or inspiration.

Jennie says;

I love how this book is written in bite-size chunks. It has a table of contents with categories if you’re looking for something specific like Forgiveness or Love, but otherwise, I’ve been enjoying opening it up to a random page and pondering on just one of the little nuggets that catch my eye. I bought the ebook and I’m really looking forward to purchasing the physical book soon!

Jen D says;

I received these words like a tuning device for the heart and soul. The words shared invite spaciousness, possibility, and trust in the reality that all is well. The short offerings can be turned to for inspiration and centering at any time. This is a wonderful book for companionship and support on a journey of both resting in being and evolving and becoming.

John says;

From the very first read, my soul says Yes to the timeless wisdom of the very first spiritual appetizer I read. Powerful medicine in this book and I’m so grateful that this wise, wonderful master has stepped forward to share his song, share what Source is playing through his soul. It is powerful, delightful medicine that I highly recommend enjoying. Thank you for this gift to humanity!

Lois McClendon says;

The affirmations, proverbs, and mini-sermons contained in this volume of Spirit inspired goodness are indeed food for the soul.

Christine G says;

This book was a delight to read. The appetizers for the soul are quick to read yet stick with you throughout the day feeding your spirit. It would also make a great gift for someone you love!

E. D. Ford says;

I have enjoyed this book. It feels like a modern-day Psalms or Proverbs. You can use these affirmations and educational inspiration to reset or encourage yourself at any time.

Kathy Stringer says;

Spiritual Appetizers for the Soul” is a great tool in my spiritual tool box. When I am running up against a challenge in my life, I can lean on the messages shared in this book to give me clarity and inspiration. Ade has truly tapped into the divine love that we all deserve to have our lives and I am grateful to open his book to any page and get a message of truth that serves me in the moment. Seeing this beautiful reminder of the power and connection we always have within ourselves, make it into the lives of people all over the world!

Drew says;

This book has become part of my morning routine. Every morning I flick to a random page and I’m always given a passage that speaks to me deeply. This book is full of incredible insights and reminders that will serve as bursts of fuel for your spiritual journey. A well written and excellently curated collection of short passages or ‘appetizers’ for the soul. Love it.

Ms O says;

Wisdom that places you at the centre of the journey of self-described and growth. I appreciate that I am not led to engage with these meditations in a traditional linear route but guided to trust in my intuitive pull to these appetizers and allow the process to flow.