Passionate, probing, and pertinent is a good way to summarize Ade’s work. He brings a fervor and an zeal for living that is unbridled. He goes on the journey with you, much like Oprah is an engaged learner in every interview. Ade pushes the envelope and wants to go deep to unpack the gems hidden in the stones. Ade is purposefully pertinent, as he seeks to make evident the relevance of timeless truths to today’s yearnings, both personal and societal. My favorite media host, Ade creates a memorable experience that leaves everyone transformed, even the one being interviewed.

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

Author , "The Sacred Yes and Your Deepest Intent"

Ade Anifowose is deeply grounded in universal spiritual principles. His contemporary and practical approach to New Thought and Ancient Wisdom creates an atmosphere of inspiration. The ability to use both his “head and heart” is the gift he brings to everyday challenges. This ability speaks volumes about his own journey of personal development throughout the years and his devotion to the spontaneous and intuitive wisdom of his inner being. His hearty laughter and compassionate demeanor are invitations to heal, grow, and live life more fully. Ade is truly a beneficial presence in the world.

Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner

StillPoint Spiritual Center, Snellville, GA.

My experience of Ade is of a man of passion, compassion and elevated self and soul awareness, who is eager to help others recover their mis or displaced selves and souls as well. He is smart, witty, spiritual, practical and highly evolved. As a radio interviewer, he listens as well as any host I’ve encountered and brings the best out of his guests, literally ministering to his audience showing great sensitivity to his listeners hearts, hurts and hopes. A daily dose of Ade, is well spent time, causing treasured and invaluable personal expansion and edification. He is indeed a precious essence in the earth!

Carlton D. Pearson

Progressive Spiritual Teacher, Thought Leader, Sacred Activist/Humanist, Peace Agent

…Ade is an amazing soul dedicated to supporting healing and transformation in the masses.  He is here to support change and I am grateful to walk this life path with him.

Cynthia James

Bestselling author, “I Choose Me: The Art of Being A Phenomenally Successful Woman at Home and at Work.

…working with Life Coach Ade helped me set myself free! The most powerful tool he taught me was the power of forgiveness. Today I can honestly say forgiveness=FREEDOM!

His spiritual wisdom, his compassionate heart, his loving presence allowed me to feel safe in the world for the first time ever. In gaining this freedom I gained confidence, self-love, am more grounded, and it freed up so much space to be able to create and design the life of my dreams. Through the powerful process of visioning I achieved the success I never thought was possible in a very short period of time. His contagious laughter will ALWAYS wipe away some of my tears. His keen intuition will bring to the surface what needs to be seen. I am FOREVER grateful for having such a powerful teacher cross my path. It is an honour and privilege to work with him.

Donata De Luca

When I went to Ade’s Meet and Heal in Texas, I went with the idea that I needed to mend my broken heart. After my session with him I literally felt a Shift ….it was heavy, then extremely light! He helped me see that I have true potential that I have been suppressing for far too long because of my own fear of judgment from others. He helped me realize that I need to be more authentic. Just be ME. Ade’s Meet and Heal was just what I never knew I needed. It was perfect in its own way. I look forward to many more of Ade’s Meetup’s even if I have to be the one taking the Roadtrip… 🙂  Xo,

Michelle Austin


I have been a guest on Adé Anifowose’s radio shows many times and each time I am struck by his depth and heartfulness. But this isn’t really enough to say: He has a rich intelligence, a capacity to see the potential for harmony and growth in so many situations that we discuss, and a playfulness that makes our conversations truly a joy. When Adé is in flow it is magnificent. I honor the message he brings, his vulnerability, and his true commitment to help people journey into the fullness of their lives.

Richard Moss

MD, Author, "The Mandala of Being and Inside-Out Healing"

The many gifts that Ade Anifowose shares with the world are beautiful expressions of the joy and wisdom and love of God. He and I have been friends for years, communicating regularly by phone and on his radio program, and after each encounter my entire being feels lighter and brighter and brimming with joy. I believe Ade is a clear channel for God’s goodness in the world, and his presence among us is touching the lives of untold numbers of people. His friendship is a huge blessing in my life, and I encourage others to seek out his wisdom and counsel.

Jack Armstrong

Author, Lessons From The Source: "A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey"

I have known and worked with Ade Anifowose for close to 3 years now.  Having been a guest on one of his shows, I found coach Ade to be insightful, compassionate, and a finely-tuned ear to hear what is being said between the words, and bring that forward for a conversation.

I find Coach Ade to be deeply committed to the work of human evolution, and individual personal growth and self clarity. His is a voice of compassion and healing, and the world is a better place because of his dedication to this purpose.

Peace and Blessings

Stanley Bernard

ALSP (Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner)