ReStory to Restore

ReStory to Restore” provides the participants with a unique opportunity to realise and embrace the idea that each of us is the culmination of the experiences that have shaped who we are now. Every experience matters and is infused with profound wisdom, which teaches us more about who we are and the life we are leading.

Participants in this gathering will have a safe place to share their stories, both ordinary and sentimental. The gathering’s overarching invitation is to “come as you are.” People who decide to share their experiences and those who choose to be a “witnessing ear” are all part of the beautiful connection that occurs when we take the time to listen to one another.

Ade uses the Creative Arts, Drumming, and *InterPlay tools and forms to create a safe and brave space for the participants to show up as who they are.
(*InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body)

“Telling a new story reveals hidden wisdom.” ~ Ade Anifowose

Re-Presenting Your Stories: What’s in a Name?

“Representing Your Stories” is an in-depth session that empowers you to create the life you desire by telling a new story. It provides you with the tools to be courageous enough to challenge old stories that no longer serve you, as well as emboldening you to take responsibility for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you want a better experience in life, you must be willing to tell a new story. This session is an opportunity to look at the stories that you hold close to your heart and the stories that are affecting your mental health, positively or negatively. Also, examine how you name or label your experiences, which in turn determines how you see your world.

Participants in this session gain confidence by transforming self-defeating stories into life-affirming narratives. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of how to alter their thought processes and stop negative thoughts.

“It is the story that we tell ourselves about what is going on that determines our experience of it. Our experience is not the facts of what has happened or is happening, but how we name it. Our story is a narrative. It is a mold of sorts. No matter what is poured into it, the shape will always be the same. It might also be compared to a lens that colors what we see.” ~ Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Johnson

Re-Presenting Our Ancestors: A Grief Ritual.

Grief is one of the most powerful yet underrated emotions. Many of us do not realize that avoiding our grief and suffering affects our well-being, resulting in us being less productive members of society.

Grief manifests in many forms, some of which are brushed off as social norms. We shy away. We pretend to move on while the grieving process goes unattended, leaving a huge void that needs healing. We must realize that losing a loved one is not the only cause of grief. It can also be triggered by other traumatic situations, such as changing jobs, letting go of a relationship, or the natural progression of life.

During this Grief Ritual session, we will go on a self-healing journey by taking a compassionate look at the heavy emotions of grief. We will look at those emotions, review them, and accept them in order to set ourselves free.  

Here, we learn to respect the past for what it was in its entirety, as well as what was passed on through our ancestral lineage. We can “re-present” a new story for future generations. We can let bygones be bygones for good this time. 

“Grief is the doorway to healing.” ~ Sobonfu Some