Transformational Guide

Ade is a passionate Transformational Guide who is dedicated to guiding people back to their true selves. He firmly believes that everyone has a unique story that makes them who they are and that by rediscovering their story, and acknowledging every part of it, as individuals they can tap into their most aligned self and gain clarity on the ‘more’ that they have been seeking.

Ade’s mentoring style is centered around helping his clients re-present themselves and identify their ‘more,’ which he sees as the hidden potential that lies within each individual. The process of re-presenting themselves is to choose how to frame their story, their trauma, and their experiences.

Ade himself embarked on a transformational journey that allowed him to reconnect with his inner self and discover who he could be if he re-presented his own feelings of disconnect into something more powerful, authentic mature Love and connection with others. Through his own experience, Ade believes that everyone deserves the chance to explore their identity and align their actions with their authentic Self.

For over 25 years, he has devoted his life to being both a student and a teacher of ancient African wisdom traditions. Ade’s teaching is rooted in the understanding that we are the faces of our ancestors. “Our Ancestors live in us, and we live in them.” He believes that real transformation happens when we are willing to go within and do the necessary healing work. Otherwise, we are simply living from a mindset of separation in the realm of Oneness. Ade says, “Everything is connected, and it all belongs.” His mission is to assist people in bridging the gap between the shadow and the light.

Self-Care Specialist. Spiritual Healer and Teacher.

Ade is incredibly insightful, intuitive, and empathetic. He creates a safe and supportive environment where his clients can explore their deepest desires and challenges without fear of judgment or criticism. His approach is holistic, meaning that he looks at a person’s overall self, including their emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Ade incorporates various tools and techniques to help his clients gain clarity, set goals, and take action towards creating the life they want.

Ade’s work is deeply fulfilling, and he derives immense satisfaction from seeing his clients transform and grow. He believes that by helping people return “Home” to themselves, he can contribute to a more harmonious, connected, and compassionate world, one person at a time.

Ade’s philosophy is based on the belief that everyone has the potential to live the life they desire, but sometimes, we need guidance and support to unleash our full potential. He believes that healing is a journey, not a destination, and that every step taken toward growth and self-discovery is essential.

Ade is a holistic spiritual healer and guru, who believes in the power of reframing our past and trauma to live our lives with more connection, Love, and self-nurturing. His philosophy focuses on creating a safe space for his clients to express themselves, developing a personalized approach to overcome their challenges, and emphasizing the Love of themselves and care of their Self as the foundation of personal growth and healing. The Love Ade is passionate about bringing to his clients is not the fairy tale kind of love, but Love with a capital L. The Love that leads you, the mature, organic Love, then leading your life with Love. The Love you have for yourself that is unconditional and a powerful part of healing and growth. This is the kind of Love that bursts through you and opens you up to life itself, that can only be experienced when it starts with you.

The way that Ade brings decades of experience and pairs it with an understanding of the role of ancestral history within our story is unique, he blends it with his passion for personal healing and growth from within to provide a thorough and profound approach. His work is designed for impact, no matter where you are in your journey of healing or transformation, you will greatly benefit from Ade’s experience and approach. 

Ade is also a Sacred Drummer and Certified InterPlay Leader: InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. InterPlay honors and celebrates our common humanity.

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Ade is also a successful Podcaster and Author, his latest Amazon best seller book “Spiritual Appetizers for the Soul” is available here, and you can listen to the podcast here